THE DRIVE HOME, Margaret Fieland

The Drive Home
by Margaret Fieland

A flash of tan flank, small hooves
illuminated by my headlights.

Enough woodland remains
for foxes, skunks, flocks of wild turkeys,

and the occasional deer
to leap hopefully across the road.

Margaret’s process note: I wrote this poem after spotting a deer crossing just in front of my car.

Born and raised in New York City, Margaret Fieland has been around art and music all her life. Her poems and stories have appeared in journals such as Turbulence Magazine, Front Range Review, and All Rights Reserved. She is one of the Poetic Muselings. Their poetry anthology, Lifelines, was published by Inkspotter Publishing in November, 2011. She is the author of Relocated, Geek Games, and Broken Bonds, published by MuseItUp Publishing, and of Sand in the Desert, a collection of science fiction persona poems. A chapter book is due out later this year.


One thought on “THE DRIVE HOME, Margaret Fieland

  1. I love how self-contained this poem is….in its brief lines we see a few small details, enough to tell us however that the speaker is clearly a visitor here. The deer’s ancestors, stomping these grounds long before a road was paved through it.

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