THE WAYFARER, Margaret Fieland

The Wayfarer
by Margaret Fieland

To the stranger
who helped me
when I stumbled
up subway stairs,

made polite conversation,
as he ignored
his gut-gnawed urge
for a fix.

Bless you, buddy,
wherever you are,
these forty years

Margaret’s process notes:
The poem is a tribute to a man who helped me home when I injured my knee in ballet class many years ago. I was living just above the East Village in Manhattan at the time. By the time I emerged from the subway at 14th street, my knee had swollen to the size of a football. One of the many addicts who frequented the area helped me home. He was into Tae Kwon Do, as was a friend of mine, and we discussed the Martial Arts the whole way home. I’ve never forgotten his kindness.


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