Silence is a Homing Thing
by Grace Lo Porto

Silence is a homing thing—
A mother’s whispered prayer
Is too much a breathing thing.
Whispers on the stair
Grate upon my whimpering,
No, life isn’t fair.
Silence is a homing thing,
But I will not go there.

Grace’s process notes:
I thought of a friend when I wrote this, and the people whose lives are filled with silences–the people whose families have things to hide. Abuse, fear, everything. Home isn’t good for everybody.

Grace Lo Porto writes poetry sometimes, tutors sometimes, and is currently working as an intern at the NYC Bitcoin Center. She wants very much to get a Masters in biology and be a nun, in that order, but if that doesn’t work out she’d love to be rich, so she can help out all the people asking for change in the New York subway system.

Grace blogs at Breathe Read Live.


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