When Twilight Betrays Fog
by Pamela Sayers

These streets are naked
when twilight betrays fog,
fauna of love in balsamic body colors …
those are your words.

I find the cover
of a dark tunic promise
and its persuaded powers
in your hair where the sun is not lost
on ships of dawn.
An aurora descends;
boats drown while seagulls knot
mourning along the beach.
I feel sea’s motion;
it nestles beneath
my breathing while I sleep
and dream years in this space.

The window lights heart’s floor;
I don’t know you more than night
if I want the moon when perfect,
I want the stars when bright;
tendrils caress my vision,
a sweep of beams
upon my hands in degrees.

I hear the sound of morning …
a call in the vacant field.


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