Halcyon Years
by Debi Swim

We lived with
Grandmother and Grandfather
in the four room cinderblock house
Grandpa built
after Daddy died.

We carried water
from a spigot he installed
in the front yard
cold, sweet water
from Aunt Elsie’s well.

Electricity we had
but no central heat,
a coal stove in the living room
where we rotisseried ourselves
back to front , front to back.

Food we had plenty,
common country fare,
enough to wear
and security and love
to last a life time.

The yard and hills
were our playground
fireflies and June bugs in summer
snowmen and sledding in winter
and big puddles after the rain.

The happiest, safest, idyllic years
reside there in the eastern most
corner of Tennessee
in days long past from which
Time has exiled me.

No way, no way back
though I yearn to return
to slamming screen doors
and skillet fudge
and gnarled, loving hands.

Debi’s process notes:
I have been gone from this childhood home for almost fifty years and yet those days live as fresh as yesterday. That child ever lives inside somewhere.


4 thoughts on “HALCYON YEARS, Debi Swim

  1. A four room house seems so small today, but hen we were young children, it seemed like the whole world. Loved those descriptions of insects. They were important plyers in a country child’s life!

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