Another Month of Winter
by JulesPaige

Because there was a false sense of spring
I wore one less layer, and was cold–even inside
my home for most of the day

Warmed by the hope that the next storm
would take an upturn–though not wishing
several more inches on anyone else

Ran my errands with my sun glasses on, no hat,
no mittens–not even zipping my coat–wanting
to breathe light

The birds are calling again, more vocal that ever–
there are ducks in the distant creek,
I see them through my picture window

Today I am layered once again, the sky sulks–
winter will not be forgotten as another arctic blast
blows with precision down my neck

JulesPaige is the nom-de-plume of a lifelong poet who started writing in sixth grade. That was a long time ago for wife, mother and “Grama” who’s still an “amateur.”


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