Issue 2 Introduction


Humanity and rivers have long dwelt side-by-side, in complex and changing relationships—nurturing then destructive, flowing then stagnant. Just as there are many kinds of people, so too are there a myriad of types of rivers. Our fascination with the ever-changing connections between them is what prompted us to choose the theme for this issue.

The poems chosen for this issue explore various facets of our connections to rivers of many different kinds—place, family, life, death, rebirth, myth, time, story and change. You will find the personal and the cosmic. You will view death from the shore, and perhaps reel it into view. There rivers here which are rooted into place and others which flow free of barriers.

With delight we also present to you the cover artwork by artist Angela (Alex) Weddle. His digital art piece, “Into the Mystic,” captured our theme and us. The artist’s page features one of his poems and includes information about him and where his artwork can be found.

So, we invite you to find a stretch of grass by the bank. Spread out a blanket and read these poems of rivers and our ties to them. Reflect on your own rivers, in the light that glints off the surface of these writings. We are very proud of this collection and hope that you enjoy it as well.



Nicole Nicholson and Tawnya Smith
Editors, Issue 2

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