Uma Gowrishankar

"Mujer Luna 2" by Sophia Buchuck

“Mujer Luna 2” by Sophia Buchuck


When they set in motion the first beginning of speech, giving names, 
their most pure and perfectly guarded secret was revealed through love.
                                                                           The Rig Veda , 10.71
                                                                          (translated by Wendy Doniger O’Flaherty)

Vastness of the sky
expands her heart and
clears the fear 
pooled in silence there.

Cradled alongside
are doubts,

hundred muted questions -

is fire born in lightning
as lightning in a cloud 

is cloud born in water
as water in fire 

is earth born in water
as a golden embryo in deep ocean

is speech born out of thought 
as action out of desire ?

Between fire and water, 
earth and ocean

                           flow a river of stories,
like love that marries speech to thought.

My separation from the river
began, even before I was born,
in my mother’s womb.

Silence shaped the room,
the aperture sculpted my mind
parenthesising time into slots.

I accessed meaning downward
by dropping a pebble
in the water that filled her.

The river flowed, limb of a dead child
careened in the current.
My lungs dilated in a loud howl. 
Uma Gowrishankar is a poet and artist from Chennai, South India. Her poems have been published in ‘Qarrtsiluni’, ‘Whale Sound’, ‘Buddhist Poetry Review’, ‘Carcinogenic Poetry’, ‘Catapult Magazine’, ‘Curio Poetry.’ She blogs at
Sofia Buchuck is one of London’s most respected Peruvian artists. A musician, poet and painter, Sofia came to the UK at an early age and dedicated herself to training in her craft. She has won numerous awards, including best Latin artist in 2006 and best poet in a foreign language from Farrago Poetry in 2011. She has also recorded many albums and has published her poems in Mexico and the UK.

2 thoughts on “Uma Gowrishankar

  1. I love your poetry, Uma…such depth and poignant meaning.

    This portion spoke to me especially:

    “Is earth born in water
    as a golden embryo in deep ocean.”

    I shared this excerpt on my blog with a link back to this address in response to the Red Wolf Poems Challenge today.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful and inspiring work!

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