We Sat In Grandma’s Kitchen
by Irene Toh

When body was presence, mind
distilled whispers out of sight.
On weekdays, we ran up the steps
gathering leaflets, first
treasure hunters–and on Sundays,
grandmother bowed mauve
in a kind of halo.
We sat in the kitchen–
grandma’s chicken cooked in wine,
fried meatballs a slow feast–
made a psalm of a bowl.
Only the end shall quiet
brief tirade riffling grass
in enigma of faded sun.

Irene Toh graduated from the National University of Singapore. She is co-author of an online collaborative poetry collection, Duet (Red Wolf, 2014). She thinks poetry is a practice, and what better way to write poems synchronously, even obsessively, than to play to weekly web-based prompts. She thanks the Internet for facilitating an international gathering of poets. She is co-administrator of Red Wolf Poems, a poetry prompt site. She was co-editor of the inaugural Red Wolf Journal’s Spring 2014 issue. Her poems are word paintings. She really likes soulfulness and surreality in poems. Mostly she’s inspired by the moon and the stars. She blogs at Orange Is A Fruit.


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