To A Persian New Year
by Carol Sadtler

Twelve days after the equinox, Sara
puts a match to the sacred rue, sets out
sprouting seeds for new life, apples
for beauty and health, olives
for love, an egg, coins, sumac, vinegar:
seven small bowls to bless the guests.

There are no deficits here, 27 stories
above Manhattan as the windowed walls
diffuse a gray day into light that softens
our faces.

The tea comes in tall glasses, curved to fit
our empty hands;
Persian script curls gracefully across the spines
of leather-bound poems on the shelves;
We sink into plump cushions, soothed
by rosewater and hyacinth—three thousand years
of gracious ritual.

Slough off past adversities and laugh;
Meats and vegetables simmer and
Mosen is pouring wine;
Let us toast Hafez, and ourselves.

Carol Sadtler is a writer and editor living in Bucks County, PA. After earning degrees in English and comparative literature, she created and directed marketing communications for nationally known organizations and higher education institutions. Her poetry will appear in Rhino in the coming year.


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