The Elephant Fort
by Fabiyas M V

Black beauties in chains–
Before the ticket counters,
A long queue does creep
To scatter near the black wonders.

Ears and tails always move,
Ruminating the rhythms of forest.
Elephants are inside the fort,
Exposed to the sky barest.

I hear the hushed emotions
In the clinking of chains.
Hearts smoulder in;
Eyes emit lava of pains.

Burning red wild flowers
And tickling streams,
Each elephant longs I know:
But dreams die in chains.

Note: Anakotta (a fort for the elephants) at Punathur, near Guruvayur in Kerala, India, is a tourist place, where you see a large number of elephants together. All are chained.

Fabiyas M V is a writer from Orumanayur village in Kerala, India. He is the author of Moonlight and Solitude. His fiction and poems have appeared in Literary The Hatchet, E Fiction, Selected Poems 2012 and 2013 by Pendle War Poetry, Inspired By Tagore Anthology, ACWC Anthology, Indian Ink, Animal Antics 2012, Romance Magazine, Structo Magazine and in several anthologies by Forward Poetry and other publishers in India and abroad. He won the Poetry Soup International Award, USA, in 2011 and 2012, a prize by the British Council in 2011, the RSPCA Pet Poetry Contest, UK in 2012, India, a sponsor’s prize in Eriata Oribhaba Poetry Competition, Nigeria in 2013, and The Most Loved Poet For March 2014 Award by E Fiction, India . He took honourable mention in Political Poet Poetry Competition, USA in 2013. He was the finalist for Mattia International Poetry Contest , Canada in 2011 and 2012. He is the quarter finalist for Mary Ballard Poetry Chapbook Prize 2014. All India Radio had broadcast his poems.

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