A Single Line, by Pearl Ketover Prilik

A Single Line
by Pearl Ketover Prilik

Each morning for eight weeks
She stood in front of the bath-
room mirror– door barred for
privacy and mouthed her line
until it flowed like honey from
seven-year-old lips – perfectly
pronounced, sticky sweetness
as written for Pooh the Bear
until the evening arrived and
she stepped forward on stage
footlights brightly shining on
Everyone sitting in the dark …
and her lips clamped together
stuck in silence.



Pearl Ketover Prilik is a psychoanalyst/writer/poet in no particular order or perhaps differentiation. She lives on the South Shore of NY, in the U.S. and has had a few nonfiction books published, along with handfuls of poetry and micro-fiction, online and in print journals. Poetry is her language of choice.


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12 thoughts on “A Single Line, by Pearl Ketover Prilik

  1. I actually had that experience in my Senior year of high school where I opened the play as eldest brother to the eldest sister in “Cheaper By The Dozen” and I froze until my “sister jumped ahead and we got going. Everything was fine after that and I don’t know why I lost that line. I knew it perfectly well.

    • Awww thank you Christopher for sharing the experience – it was always a fear of mine as a child but never happened …, until …. my orals for my doctoral dissertation – I blanked when asked the TITLE OF MY DISSERTATION … it was smooth sailing after that heart-stopper 🙂

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