Reaganomics, by Zachary Matteson

by Zachary Matteson

–for my sister

Those summers we vacationed on the Cape blur
to one eidetic day: We eat our weight in saltwater
taffy, brave the weedy north Atlantic, survive Hur-
ricane Bob, and flatly refuse to taste lobster. After

dinner, we Kick the Can as long as we can. Parents,
retiring behind porch-screens, drink gin and tonics.
Fireflies ignite in the pitch-pines’ resinous incense
like Christmas lights. Our salted skins glisten: onyx

dark or glitter ink. The moon’s sad cameo croons
an old Cole Porter tune. Bramble gathered, we turn
to the beach, roasting red potatoes in foil cocoons
like heretics: till they hiss, or are more or less burnt.

The radio tuned to The Bangles’ “Eternal Flame”
drowns out the moon and the ocean just the same.




Sugar le Fae (aka Zach Matteson) is a prize-winning poet, translator, teacher, photographer, songwriter, and Radical Faerie. His poems, essays, and interviews have appeared in numerous literary journals in Canada and the U.S., most recently in Plenitude and Bear Review. Sugar has an MFA in Creative Writing (UBC) and is currently pursuing his PhD at the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice (UBC).



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