Issue 4, Winter 2014-15: PLAY


Red Wolf Journal

Issue 4, Winter 2014-15


Winter 2014 Issue 4 cover

Terry Adams
Doing It in Your Head
The Comb

James Berry

Viv Blake
The Games We Used To Play
Old Ladies at Play
My Left Hand

Brenda Butka
Game Theory

Mark Danowsky
Deviant Behaivor

Durwood Edwards
Charlene Lanham at the Dixie Cafe

Kalyn L.P. Gensic
Crayola Protege

David M. Harris
If a Declared Infield Fly Is Allowed To Fall

Doug Hester
It’s Not the Years That Separate Us, Sweetheart, Just the Miles

Ed Higgins
Match Point

De Jackson
When Words Come Out To Play

Marie Kilroy
Orange Orchards

Adam L
Childhood Games

Ron Lavalette
How Billy Writes a Play

Nelle Lytle
What Knot
I Am

Patricia A. McGoldrick
Competition in the Key of S Minor

Zachary Matteson

Carl “Papa” Palmer
Ollie, Ollie

Amy Pickworth

William Preston
Autumn Leaves

Pearl Ketover Prilik
A Single Line

Shannon Rayne
Hockey Fever, Even in a Cafe

Margo Roby

Pamela Sayers
Lip Gloss Instead
Poem Starting with a Line by Stephen Crane

Jane Shlensky

Amy Stumpfl
The Last Sprinkler Dance

Mary Theroux
The Dixie Cafe

Sara Vinas
Shoes Not Required

Mercedes Webb-Pullman
Nijinsky’s Sister
Can’t Go Home

Pat Phillips West
For My 40th Birthday
Cloudy With 100 Percent Chance of Rain
Daily I Fall In Love

Walter J Wojtanik
Playing Santa Claus

Fred Zirm
Visiting My Uncle


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Winter 2014 Issue 4 cover
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