Spring 2015 Issue 5: Here Comes The Sun

Red Wolf Journal Issue 5 (Spring 2015)
Our theme: “Here Comes The Sun”


Cover art: Vincent Van Gogh, Three Sunflowers in a Vase

Amour, le jour se leve


Life is full of strife. Not a bowl of roses. Yet it’s really about how you see, isn’t it? Notes of green, yellow, orange. These balance out, dominate, crowd out the shadows. The brown and the gray. Their presence fills the heart with song, yelling: here comes the sun (yea, The Beatles). We’re sun-worshippers. The sun is the center of your universe, as a lover is. Each day, when the sun goes up, is a moment of rebirth. We’re born again. Art, in tandem, is about making it new. As a trope in poetry, the sun is really about transcendence. Finding the sublime in the mundane. Experiencing joie de vivre. As practicing poets, we like to think art helps shine a light on the path.

One might also reframe this thing into an optimist/pessimist frame. Like Don Quixote believes in windmills and Hamlet believes in the nunnery. Both minds being tarred by the brush in which they paint. So maybe at the end of it all, you can balance out the entire composition. You, the poet. But just as we could do with a little sunshine, too much of it causes imbalance. Can we be blinded by the sun? Icarus flew too near the fireball and got burned. Hubris–overstretching, or too much belief in infallibility–seems to be a tragic flaw. We want to cling to the belief that we’re somehow divine, special, unique. Will we be undone? Are we saved? It all boils down to the consciousness that we each possess. We’re just beings who desperately need to see the light.


Interpret the theme however you wish. Submit poems to us by email here.


Please review the submission guidelines and then send us your poems in the body of an email.

Poems will be published in ongoing posts on this site. Each posting will be announced on the Red Wolf Journal page on Facebook. Your poem may be published at any time from February to April 2015 so please check back here. If you do not see your poem(s) appear, you may deem it as not accepted for publication. We will not be sending out any acceptance or rejection letters.

The entire collection will be released in PDF format in due course. An announcement will be made at that point.

Irene Toh and Tawnya Smith
Spring 2015 Editors

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