Butterfly Kiss, by Alan Catlin

Butterfly Kiss
By Alan Catlin

As if emerging from light,
some snowbound dream
she appears inside empty
bar room, brushing snow
from long knitted shawl
draping her head and well-
below shoulders red hair.
Looks disheveled but
preternaturally calm
like some Pre-Raphaelite
angel that hadn’t been
painted yet, pale skin
flushed with the cold.
Barely able to speak,
she asks for something
hot to drink, words
formed no more than a
whisper, a draft through
the space between window
and sill. Looks into back
bar mirror for the reflection
that isn’t there.

Process notes: The poem thinks Long Black Veil in a more ethereal context indoors seeking warmth on a night like this one.

Alan Catlin has published dozens of chapbooks and full length books of prose and poetry on a wide variety of subjects. His latest forthcoming chapbook of poetry is from Night Ballet Press, Beautiful Mutants. He is the poetry editor of the online poetry journal Misfitmagazine.net.


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