Noah, by Alan Toltzis

by Alan Toltzis

It was a sublime deal
sealed with a rainbow
flexed across the sky and through the clouds.
No pressure, but what’s next?
Noah got drunk.

Because, how do you get up,
scratch yourself, piss,
make coffee, kiss
the wife and kids and
just get on with it?

While nature continues, nonplussed,
we are left with just
the ordinary,
unrelenting, pick-up-a-loaf-of-bread,
grind-it-out, and don’t-forget-the-milk kind of stuff.

As sure as that 6:52
bestows the tragedy of another everyday sorrow
upon us,
we brace ourselves,
ready again to be heroes.

Process note: The ancient Greeks knew audiences needed a release after the intensity of drama and their playwrights wrote plays as a 4-part series: a dramatic trilogy and then a fourth play—the tragic-comic satyr play. But that need for release after heroic and tragic events can be traced much earlier, to the story of Noah. My poem looks at the Biblical even that happens immediately after the flood and how that connects with modern day life.

Alan Toltzis lives and writes in Bucks County, PA where he is working on a book of poems that are modern expressions of our relationship with God and the world around us. His poems have been published in print and online publications including Focus Midwest, Burningword Literary Journal, The Jewish Literary Journal, Soul-Lit, and the upcoming issue of Poetica.

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