A dive so deep, by Gabrielle Bryden

A dive so deep
by Gabrielle Bryden

on that unbearably hot day,
humid air visibly simmering,
dark blue water summoning,
summer weariness and nothing to lose.

Who hasn’t dreamt of the deep dive,
where we are too deep to resurface,
too deep for unaccustomed lungs –
sinking fast to the bottom,
like a dropped anchor,
trying to make our way back to the top,
toward that world we are supposed to live in,
aching arms pressing though heavy water,
waking in gasps as the air runs out.

The great realisation
on waking from a dream,

you have a second chance.

Gabrielle Bryden is an Australian poet published in a range of anthologies; print and online journals; and on Local and National ABC Radio. She has been published in Australia, the USA and the UK. In 1999 she won first prize in the Ripple’s Magazine poetry competition.
Blogs at https://gabriellebryden.wordpress.com/


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