Botero’s Dreamy Dance, by Debi Swim

Botero’s Dreamy Dance
by Debi Swim


Fernando Botero, Couple Dancing

The lady in red, she in the chile con carne red
and he, dapper with a neat pencil moustache
danced with their eyes closed tight
and the music played and they happily swayed
long into the carefree night

and for a short time this lady in red
danced with a Carmen Amaya air
and the man of the neat moustache
and dapperly dressed
was the dashing Fred Astaire.

First line from Dancer by Carl Sandburg

Editor’s note: Written in response to Prompt 41, Red Wolf Poems.

Debi Swim writes primarily to prompts. She is a wife, mother, grandmother and happy poet from West Virgina.


2 thoughts on “Botero’s Dreamy Dance, by Debi Swim

  1. You’ve caught the essence of this picture so well. I had to look up Carmen Amaya, not being familiar with the name, and have just spent a pleasant ten minutes or so reading a little about her and watching some clips.
    Dancing with eyes closed is a very liberating experience, I’ve always found! You could be anyone, anywhere, anytime. Just being with the music.
    The picture and your words say this very well. 🙂

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