Periwinkle And Paisley–Morning’s Coin Purse, by Hannah Gosselin

Periwinkle And Paisley–Morning’s Coin Purse
by Hannah Gosselin


Marc Chagall, Birthday

I’m captured by caress of waking dream
that silent land betwixt-between
even now with eyes wide open
as I arrange fresh flowers
watch sun’s early light through window
it falls in bright streams on street…
I can’t seem to shake the feeling
your lips hovering above mine –
always that anticipatory moment
before abandon of self-control
given to passion – you kiss me.

Editor’s note: Written in response to Prompt 40, Red Wolf Poems.

Process notes: The inspiration for this poem began with the idea of a kiss that one cannot forget and it was fun finding a title in some of the details that stood out in the painting as well.

Hannah Gosselin’s song is one inspired of the natural beauty around her. She was awarded a diploma by the Institute of Children’s Literature located in West Redding, Connecticut, “Writing for Children and Teenagers,” and has been published in Prompted, An International Collection of Poems, Poetic Bloomings-The First Year, and Red Wolf Journal. Hannah’s happiest on a forest path of green or by the salty sea.

12 thoughts on “Periwinkle And Paisley–Morning’s Coin Purse, by Hannah Gosselin

  1. From exquisite title, to closing line, you paint the scene so clearly I not only see it, I remember what it was like to feel that way – and that hasnt happened for about a hundred years, LOL. Beautiful, Hannah!

    • I’m so thrilled that this poem brought so much to life from the painting and from your reading of it – it’s such a treat to know these words moved you, Sherry. Thank you, so much for reading!!

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