Élan vital ― Evolution Of My Soul, by Debi Swim

Élan vital ― Evolution of My Soul
by Debi Swim

In the Sedona hills someone built a wood covered platform and added plastic chairs. It looks out on a Buddha statue sitting on red dirt and scruffy growing things. I sat with him in the dry heat of the day, he quietly placid faced and I pensive, still. I had just seen the Chapel of the Holy Cross slender, reaching toward the clear open sky from a clutch of rock. My sister says the ancient rocks hold a spiritual vortex, place of healing, crystals, finding one’s self and center.

Shaded from the sun in the shadow of Buddha I think of Sanctity.

She speaks of the line of light snaking up the slopes of chanting, drum beating, singing, worshipful souls in the late evenings sometimes. People don’t want a religion but they desire a connection. In the pure peacefulness of an open sky dotted with a billion stars there is a feeling of Otherness there. A deep-seated desire for union with, understanding of, acceptance, wholeness, a filling of the emptiness we call a spiritual journey.

Our lives are a journey toward what has always been waiting for us to find.


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Debi’s note: I visited my sister in Sedona and was impressed with its beauty and sacredness.

Debi Swim writes primarily to prompts. She is a wife, mother, grandmother and happy WV poet. Blogs at georgeplacepoetrybydebiswim.


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