Sea of Matrimony, by Debi Swim

Sea of Matrimony
by Debi Swim

We’ve sailed these seas for many a year
set out with high hopes of conquest
following maps and word of mouth
to treasures of jewel and gold
to love both pure and bold
to quests meant to be retold.

Through squalls and storm
both calm seas and becalmed
we’ve kept our head and heart.
And the fire that once burned
is rekindled for the return
to home with bounty well earned.

Note: Written in response to Red Wolf Poem’s Chapter 17 prompt 93:
“Write a poem in which you are out at sea, in a place of no name, before you make landfall. Maybe it’s a place where beauty is present only by being absent. Or where beauty is apparent but there is only absence. Sure you’ve been in a place like that.”

Debi Swim writes primarily to prompts. She is a wife, mother, grandmother and happy WV poet. Blogs at georgeplacepoetrybydebiswim.


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