Song In Minor Key, by Debi Swim

Song in Minor Key
by Debi Swim

You ask for a song to sum up a life,
song of me, as though I should know
these words and melody not writ down
nor scored on staff paper.
I do not know myself.
Are there those
who can proclaim with assurance
This is me. I am thus and thus, page by page
I can account the totality of I am?

Some days I’m nice, some days I’m not
I’ve been unsure, sure, cocksure
brilliant, stupid, average
and if I say
I am a Christian
born under Cancer
a female

what does that explain
about the me you want me
to sing about?
You’ve waited too late
to ask for my song.
There was a time I loved to talk of me
now it is a most boring thing
to dwell on , and I am tired
of the subject.
But, if you’d like we could
talk all night of William Carlos Williams
or Emily Dickinson or Billy Collins
or Billy the Kid.


Note: Written in response to Red Wolf Poems, Prompt 191.


Debi Swim writes primarily to prompts. She is a wife, mother, grandmother and WV poet.


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