lub dup (for the good of my heart), by Frank Prem

lub dup (for the good of my heart)
by Frank Prem


when I was in nursing school
they described the sound


really it meant more than sound
it conjured an image of blood
washing through valves and chambers
pushed and pulsed on a bright red journey



and that’s the heart-beat sound
it’s what I hear
when I press my ear against your chest

or when something you do
makes my breath stumble and hold
makes me tighten
hyper-aware of myself


I’d like to run from the top of the hill
on our old volcano
down the crater-side like a child

then maybe halfway
when I’m moving fast
loose footing might force a dive
and I could roll
laughing like a carefree fool
to the bottom

that’s the way I’d like to feel my heart






the doctor says
I have to take my walking more seriously
that if I don’t get up off my arse
I’ll need pills

is his cry
and life change
is what I have to do
or I’m going to die

he says
a lub-dup doesn’t last forever
it’s only for the rest of my life


I’m looking forward to walking with you again
from the base of the hill
deep inside the crater
up until we’re right at the top
on the rim

probably I’ll need an excuse to stop
about halfway
because I’ll be feeling for my wind by then
and the sound in my chest
will drive like a double-beaten drum


and when I feel it that way I’ll know
I’m alive
lifestyle changing
for the good of my heart


and you

the good of my heart


Process notes: This a ‘falling in love’ poem, from my heart to hers. It is situated at the point in time when suddenly there is everything to live for.


Frank Prem has been writing poetry as a serious pursuit for in excess of 20 years, and has been published in magazines, zines and anthologies, both in Australia and in a number of countries overseas, occasionally for money or prizes. He has self-published three collections of his work, The Book of Evenings (written as Frank Faust), Memoir of a Dog, and Small Town Kid. Frank lives with his talented singer/songwriter wife Leanne Murphy in the hills above Beechworth in the North-East of Victoria, where they nestle as close to nature as they can. Blog Name: Frank Prem – Poetry



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