Argon, by Larry D. Thacker

by Larry D. Thacker

I was reminded recently how the element
Argon in the air we breathe circulated
forever ago,
                through the lungs and bodies
of the famous and infamous, of human
and animal alike, dinosaur and giant monster
foul, the large creeping thing, the earliest gods.

That last time we spoke, when you hugged
me with your soon to fail arms, I inhaled
your tiny spoken,
                I love you, with all my heart,

surely keeping some of it held in, whispering
back, I love you, too, but not so much so that
last week, in hurricane wind threatened tears,
I imagined pulling up some of that same air
of that last hug from my body that we shared

and added it to the hard winds that tossed
and swept your ashes from the jar, through
the sea oats, added to the sand you always
loved along that North Carolina shore way.

Larry D. Thacker’s poetry can be found in more than eighty publications including The Still Journal, Poetry South, Mad River Review, The Southern Poetry Anthology, Mojave River Review, Mannequin Haus, Ghost City Press, Jazz Cigarette, and Appalachian Heritage. His books include Mountain Mysteries: The Mystic Traditions of Appalachia and the poetry books, Voice Hunting and Memory Train, as well as the forthcoming, Drifting in Awe. He’s presently working on his MFA in both poetry and fiction. Visit his website at:


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