Restoration, by Alan Toltzis

by Alan Toltzis

Did I wear you out?
Did I leave you spent,
tattered, cut, bruised?

And when,
O weary, weary soul,
you left me again last night,

barely able to fill
and empty my lungs,
I waited for morning,

my body
and my heart
awash with you again.

Today will be different.
Today will be pure.

Today will be
a waxing crescent
moon at dawn.

Alan Toltzis, the author of The Last Commandment, grew up in Philadelphia and now lives and writes in Bucks County. Recent work has appeared in print and online publications including Right Hand Pointing, Provo Canyon Review, IthacaLit, Hummingbird, r.k.v.r.y. Quarterly, and Burningword Literary Journal. Find him online at


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