Mew Muse, by Debi Swim

Mew Muse
by Debi Swim

The morning dawns, becomes a familiar thing,
after the night’s forgetting. I sit at my laptop
waiting for the words to come, a direction to
point the way. I feel your presence out in the

hall, you are stalking the light that speckles
the floor. Stealthy, slyly, you reach out a paw
and pounce. I will you to come into my room,
to twine between my feet, rub against my shins,

jump in my lap and mew music into my thoughts.
But, no, I hear you out on the sunny side
of the patio. You sit on regal haunches,
looking out over the dewy lawn, completely

ignoring me. At first, I am merely impatient, a
little huffy at your attitude but as the moments
draw a long line on the day I become afraid…
wonder if this time you’ve gone for good.

Note: Written in response to Red Wolf Poems, Prompt 255.

Debi Swim is a wife, mother, grandmother and happy WV poet.


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