Homesick Blues, by Walter J Wojtanik

Homesick Blues
by Walter J Wojtanik

A hard rain’s gonna fall, and all I can think of
is my sad eyed lady of the lowlands.
A rainy day woman, she stands
down in the flood watching
the river flow. The current is strong
and I’ve been gone far too long;
bound with cold irons. I miss home.
And if I gotta serve somebody, it may as well
be her. I’d been stuck inside of Mobile
with the Memphis blues again.
I shall be released and I’ll be knocking
on heaven’s door; her blue nightgown
tangled at our feet. No longer love sick.
Memories thick and windblown, she’s shown
she can love just like a woman. Lay lady.
Lay with the pent up passion of the
hurricane within. Don’t have second thoughts.
It’s alright. It’s a changing time and
I have resurfaced; have a purpose.
Your rolling stone has come home.

Note: Written in response to Red Wolf Poems, Prompt 295.

Walter J. Wojtanik is a poet, composer, playwright, story teller, and carpenter. Yes, he is adept at woods and words. He had been named the Poet Laureate of the Writer’s Asides 2010 April Poem-A-Day Challenge. Somewhat of a poetic nomad, his work can be found all over this great big world wide web! His poetry collection in three parts, his Dead Poet Once Removed trilogy is his happiest achievement as of now. He continues to work at his craft with so much more to learn.


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