Waking Up In Buenos Aires, by Jared M. Gadsby

Waking in Buenos Aires
      (and remembering Carver)

by Jared M. Gadsby

Only after a week
do I remember
that this city
was one of the last places
that Carver called home.

It seems he loved it here –
even thought about writing a novel
before his Chekhovian sensibilities
sounded too strongly.

Or – perhaps – he simply ran
out of time.
Whatever the reason,
he had his.

The strangeness of life
really pressed upon him here,
which does not surprise me.
This feeling has pressed
against me like the warmth
of a beloved dog still remembered.

I wonder, did Ray
ever wake before Tess,
pad into the living room
to put on yesterday’s pants,
and just sigh with gratitude?

I am sure that
at least once he awoke by himself,
brewed a pot of coffee and lit a cigarette,
and watched as the sun
rose over this strange city.

Jared M. Gadsby lives in Lima, Peru and teaches writing and literature courses at a local university for one of Broward College’s international centers. He holds an MA from SUNY Oswego and finds time to write the occasional poem between teaching responsibilities and travel opportunities.

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