Drumming Up Blood, by Keith Moul

Drumming Up Blood
by Keith Moul

A church group sings sweetly at the bandstand,
drumming business in souls, without percussions,
but with gentle faith. It’s Sunday. The wide plain
expands and enlarges in summer heat, animals still,
few signs of habitation save cars nearing for music.

One thinks of the old awakenings, comings to Christ
in the flower, in the leaf, in caressing breeze on cheeks;
or remembered spirit now coursing through the blood
as people lift arms in praise and jubilation. Some lives
have endured deceptions and miseries until the moment;
others see their children submit to mystery long adhered.

No single voice provokes their vision or font of peace.

Wind carries song out beneath sun’s beneficence; fowl
still at rest take notice by their eyes, but do not stir.
They have witnessed God’s presence many times before.

Keith Moul’s poems and photos are published widely. Finishing Line Press released a chap called The Future as a Picnic Lunch in 2015. Aldrich Press published Naked Among Possibilities in 2016; Finishing Line Press has just released (1/17) Investment in Idolatry. In August, 2017, Aldrich Press released Not on Any Map, a collection of earlier poems. These poems are from a new work about prairie life through U.S. history, including regional trials, character, and attachment to the land.

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