Nicht diese töne, by Joseph M. Felser

Nicht diese töne
by Joseph M. Felser

Nine daughters
of joy please
pour me
a double
life is short
art eternal
he said
if the deaf
can hear
why couldn’t
you hear
not a long
not everlasting
but no time
like the
or future
that dimension
of here
and now
that you
cut out
when you
left me
time less
this is your
he said
no life
after death
—or before,
if it comes
to that

Joseph M. Felser, Ph.D. received his doctorate from The University of Chicago and teaches philosophy in Brooklyn, New York. The author of numerous articles and two books on philosophy, religion, myth, and parapsychology, he recently began writing poetry, which has appeared in both print and online journals.


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