I’ve Stopped Looking, by Joseph M. Felser

I’ve Stopped Looking
by Joseph M. Felser

I listen to music
read some books
halfway through
forgotten tomes
gathering dust
on my shelves
feed hungry birds
in my backyard
eat dinner
with an old friend
in the Mexican place
write poems
like this
all just distractions
I stopped looking
for you
a long time ago
all I see now
are scratches
on my lenses
sinuous spots
floating before
my eyes
twisted snakes
hissing about some
forbidden fruit
I no longer

Joseph M. Felser, Ph.D. received his doctorate from The University of Chicago and teaches philosophy in Brooklyn, New York. The author of numerous articles and two books on philosophy, religion, myth, and parapsychology, he recently began writing poetry, which has appeared in both print and online journals.


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