Vernal Hope, by Debi Swim

Vernal Hope
by Debi Swim

The robins flew in unannounced
and wrenched worms from a
greening yard. The air was soft,
tepid, tempting tender shoots
to peep aloft. A hint of spring,
an insinuation of vernal hope.
And as it seems so often the
cold surges back. The robins
shiver, fluff their wings and
carry on. They’ve learned.
I’ve learned, too. This hope
is not a false hope
but a hope briefly deferred.

Process notes: We had been visiting in Alabama, enjoying the warm weather, yellow daffodils, and trees clouds of white blossoms along the avenue. We came back to West Virginia to mild temperatures and a forecast of high winds, frigid air and possible snow the result of a nor’easter off the coast. It is disappointing to go from warm to brrrrrrr but I take heart from the robins.

In response to Red Wolf Prompt 366.

Debi Swim writes primarily to prompts. She is a wife, mother, grandmother and persistent WV poet. blog:


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