Retriever, by Joseph M. Felser

by Joseph M. Felser

Her heart beats
to the sure rhythm
of his pure dog joy
as he lopes along
pine forest trails
near the big lake
called by natives
great stretch of water
free of leash and collar
chasing nothing
but sunset blaze
pink sky at night
to her delight
watching him paddle
to get nowhere
dig holes in sand
to find no treasure
bark at whitecaps
and granite rocks
for no good reason
he brings back
to her
she never lost
purity of heart
is to will one thing

Joseph M. Felser, Ph.D. received his doctorate from The University of Chicago and teaches philosophy in Brooklyn, New York. The author of numerous articles and two books on philosophy, religion, myth, and parapsychology, he recently began writing poetry, which has appeared in both print and online journals.


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