Supplicant, by Alan Toltzis

                for Claudia
by Alan Toltzis

Caressing your cello
(not child, not lover),
you draw the bow across wound
metal strings, coaxing air into sound.
Its resonance resonates within you,
the core of you reverberating.

Within me,
your supple grace
notes and trills
like prayers and supplications
granted but never fully deserved.

Process Notes: I write a poem every year for our wedding anniversary. This one was written last year, for our 38th.

Alan Toltzis is the author of 49 Aspects of Human Emotion and The Last Commandment. A two-time Pushcart nominee, he has published in numerous print and online journals. Alan serves as an Editor for the Mizmor Poetry Anthology. Find him online at and follow him @ToltzisAlan.

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