The Taste, by John D Robinson

The Taste
by John D Robinson

‘You kiss me now and you
kiss me forever’ she said:
I really didn’t know what
the fuck she meant but I
said ‘Alright’:
I know now of her words,
I can taste them,
feel the moistness,
the sensuousness,
the gentleness,
it was no kiss of deceit
but of truth and
surrendering, of merging
and she gave herself to me
and I to her:
that kiss is here now,
sleeping across our lips
like a car-crash early
on a foggy morning

John D Robinson is a UK based poet. His poems have appeared online and in print — several poetry chapbooks and a handful of collections. His latest publications are The Sounds Of Samsara (Cyberwit Publishing: India), Sharks and Butterflies (Cajun Mutt Press: USA) and a forthcoming collection, Red Dance, which will be published by Uncollected Press, USA.

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