At A Campground In Nebraska In Spring, by Greg Stidham

At A Campground In Nebraska In Spring
by Greg Stidham

Nothing seems stale, but nothing seems new.
I look at everything through a hazy hue,
a fog that makes everything unclear.

To the west I see a sun setting rustily
and quietly, over bare tops of wheat stalks.

To the sides, north and south,
skies are mostly dark, though
no stars are quite ready to glow.

Behind, I don’t want to look.
It’s all black already, with only
highway haze to remind me
that there is still light.

Greg Stidham is a retired pediatric intensivist (ICU physician) currently living in Kingston, Ontario, with his wife Pam and their two foundling “canine kids.” Greg’s passion for medicine has yielded in retirement to his other lifelong passions—literature and creative writing.

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