Cascading Snowflakes, by Ivor Steven

Cascading Snowflakes
by Ivor Steven

A morning blizzard of hailstones
Smothers my old frozen bones
Polarized, I am shivering head to spine
Chilling my chasms of hard lines

Daily coldness unwrapping
Mid-morning thawing, eventually happening
Melting, my eternal iceberg breaks
Into an avalanche of cascading snowflakes

Covering me in a white blanket of crystal firestones
Gradually warming my lonesome bones
Turning my purple blood into glowing red
Clearing heavy fogginess from my head.

Ivor Steven was formerly an Industrial Chemist, then a Plumber, and has been writing poetry for 19 years. His book, Tullawalla, was recently published. He has had numerous poems published in anthologies, and on-line magazines. He is an active member of the Geelong Writers Inc.(Australia), and is a team member/barista with the on-line magazine, Go Dog Go Cafe (America).

2 thoughts on “Cascading Snowflakes, by Ivor Steven

  1. Reblogged this on Ivor.Plumber/Poet and commented:
    Surprise, Surprise !! The Red Wolf Journal has just published a “2nd” poem of mine, for their Fall Anthology, ‘My Dream Of You’ .. Now I am doubly grateful to the editors Irene and Tawnya accepting this piece too …

  2. Thank you for sharing this poem by Ivor! He is an amazing poet! His poems warm the heart, bring joy-tears to eyes, get brains thinking, teach us, encourage us, inspire us, and so much more!
    Carolyn 🙂

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