Voluptuous Innuendos, by Michael Minassian

Voluptuous Innuendos
by Michael Minassian

When I first met you
in the coffee shop
along the shore,

I felt the coast merge
with underwater reefs
until the boundaries blurred.

You were looking for a sign
and spoke in too many syllables,
as if your teeth were ice cubes
melting in a pitcher of ice tea:
click clack, clack click.

On the wall I spied notes
stapled on a bulletin board
warning of chance encounters.

Your voluptuous innuendos
never matched
my dream of you—
still you remained insistent.

Outside, on the sidewalk,
your family approached,
pressing their faces on the window,
leaving smudges like erased poems.

You asked me not to write this down
but I couldn’t help myself—
my words blurred by the glare
of the setting sun on water’s edge.

Michael Minassian’s poems and short stories have appeared recently in such journals as, Live Encounters, Lotus Eater, and Chiron Review. He is a Contributing Editor for Verse-Virtual, an online poetry journal. His chapbooks include poetry: The Arboriculturist and photography: Around the Bend. His poetry collections, Time is Not a River, Morning Calm, and A Matter of Timing are all available on Amazon. For more information: https://michaelminassian.com

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