Autumn, by Debi Swim


Download the collection here.

autumn and other poems by debi swim

Our lives are a journey toward what has always been waiting for us to find.
“Élan vital — Evolution of My Soul “

Debi Swim’s collection is wonderfully evocative of place, of seasons, of aging and death, of familial stories, of self-questioning, of relationships with nature, people, animals and God. Most deeply the poems are embedded in belief, in the soul’s yearning. They address a fundamental question, what living means, touching both its philosophical and lyrical aspects. Her poems are characterized by metaphorical and descriptive richness, display a dexterity of language that is dazzling. A richly textured collection–poem after poem, she nails all the important themes.

4 thoughts on “Autumn, by Debi Swim

  1. I’m always glad to encounter anything written by Debi Swan, so the fact that Irene Toh has seen fit to gather all of these wonderful works and present them as the excellent compilation that it is just totally blows my mind. Thank you both!

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