Visitations, by Ron. Lavalette

visitations final cover2

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visitations by ron lavalettee 3

Tomorrow/you can call me Smiley Nirvana;/Tomorrow I’ll be Karmic Bailout.

In Ron. Lavalette’s collection, writing’s a bit like having visitations, in the form of seeing or hearing or soothsaying. It is to embody desire; to be brightened by the light of the sun and be dogged by its shadows. There’s a certain play on that. The desire for someone out of reach. The repetition of writing, or waking, like the sun rising and setting in a quotidian life. Ron’s poems come at you sideways, like a smirk. They’re not straight; as if the world needs to counter gloom with something yellow. His favorite tropes are the egg, the sun. His characters are not the Kates of the world. His stories are wonky–an endearing dark humor present yet light prevails.


3 thoughts on “Visitations, by Ron. Lavalette

  1. I read these this morning-all at one sitting. I think you enjoy being a thorn on a rose. but your velvety petals betray you. What tenderness you reveal in these poems. Wonderful. I’ll be back for more.

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