In its inaugural year, 2014, Red Wolf Journal used rotating pairs of different editors for each of the four issues released. Each editor pair had complete editorial selection management over their respective issues. The names of the editors of Spring 2014, Summer 2014, Fall 2014 and Winter 2014 are listed below on this page.

As from 2015 onward, the journal is being helmed by two editors, Irene Toh and Tawnya Smith. In 2015, four issues of the journal (Spring 2015, Summer 2015, Fall 2015 and Winter 2015) were released.

In 2016, we released the Spring/Summer 2016 issue in September 2016.

In 2017, there were two editions. We released Fall/Winter 2016/2017 covering the period, September 2016 to February 2017, in March 2017. The Spring/Summer 2017 issue, covering the period, March to August 2017, was released in September 2017. Two companion issues, the Prompted Edition, and the Editor’s Edition, were released simultaneously.

In 2018 there were two editions. We released the Fall/Winter 2017/2018 issue in March 2018. The Spring/Summer 2018 issue was released in the September 2018.

In 2019 there were two editions. The Spring 2019 issue was released in March 2019. The Fall 2019 issue was released in September 2019.

In 2020 the Spring 2020 issue was released in March 2020. The Fall 2020 issue was released in September 2020; Also released were The Coronavirus Poetry Issue (Fall edition) and Isolation Diaries, in response to the pandemic.


We also invite submissions of your poem manuscripts. You may submit anytime. For more information please refer to the Red Wolf Editions tab on this site.

irene_tohIrene Toh graduated from the National University of Singapore (MA, English Literature). She was co-editor of the inaugural Red Wolf Journal’s Spring 2014 issue. She is administrator of Red Wolf Poems, a poetry prompt site. She is co-author of an online collaborative poetry collection, Duet (Red Wolf, 2014). Her poems are word paintings. She really likes soulfulness and surreality in poems. Mostly she’s inspired by the moon and the stars.

tawnya_smith2Tawnya Smith (a.k.a. Yousei Hime) has focused on haiku with occasional adventures in other forms. Through haiku, she tries to zoom in on what is around her. She looks for a scene, a moment. She is currently looking for haiku in graduate school when time allows.  The view is different there–more bricks, books, and unforgiving clocks. But both haiku and academic writing take careful attention to see the idea and then to capture its newness. Shiteki Na Usagi


Submit poems to us by email here.



Spring 2014  Issue 1 (February to March 2014)
Editors: Irene Toh & Neil Reid

Summer 2014 Issue 2 (April to June 2014)
Editors: Nicole Nicholson & Tawnya Smith

Fall 2014 Issue 3 (June to October 2014)
Editors: Peter Roundy & Grace Harriman

Winter 2014 Issue 4 (October 2014 to January 2015)
Editors: Marilyn Braendeholm & Barbara Young

For past issues of Red Wolf Journal, please look in our archive under the Red Wolf issues tab on this site.

Irene Toh & Neil Reid editors Spring 2014 issue 1

irene_tohIrene Toh lives on a tropical island. She started blogging her poems in 2009 and had written about fall and plums, spring and lilacs, summer and fishes, winter and bears. Mostly she’s inspired by the moon and the stars. She is the administrator of Red Wolf Poems and Red Wolf journal.

neil_reidNeil Reid lives, breathes, writes. The rest is less certain, changeable. Home is now the Pacific Northwest plus one cat. He’d rather walk than be entertained. Rather write than eat. Sometimes lies. Foolishly thinks internet “publishing” is really real. Doesn’t care for poems that stand alone. Writing with intent since 1996 and resident with his blog in 2009.  bearly audible

N.I. Nicholson & Tawnya Smith editors Summer 2014 issue 2

IMG_2236N.I. Nicholson is a storyteller who collects stars, planets, occasional stray comets, photographs, old films, trivia questions, myths, legends, orphaned lyrics, dreams, and nightmares, and turns them into poetry. Their poetry has appeared in Hyperlexia, qarrtsiluni, Awe in Autism, The Art of Autism (2012 edition) and We’ve Been Here All Along: Autistics Over 35 Speak Out in Poetry and Prose, and The Jim Morrison Project. They have published three chapbooks, including Novena (remixed) in 2013. Mx. Nicholson regularly blogs their poetry at Raven’s Wing Poetry. They currently lives in Grove City, Ohio with their fiancé. Raven’s Wing Poetry

tawnya_smith2Tawnya Smith (a.k.a. Yousei Hime) has focused on haiku for over five years now (with occasional adventures in other forms). Through haiku she tries to zoom in on what is around her. She looks for a scene, a moment. She works about five miles from the Texas coast. The wind blows every day. Every day there is something new. Even when the sky is blue, the wind blows and the waves roll. It takes careful attention to see it then to capture that newness. Shiteki Na Usagi

Peter Roundy & Grace Harriman editors Fall 2014 issue 3

Peter Roundy is a retired English professor living in Boca Raton Florida. For over thirty years he taught composition and American literature at Broward College, where he also helped develop international affiliate programs in Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and India. At Broward he was also one of the founders of the wRites of Spring Literary Festival which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2014. His vision for RED WOLF JOURNAL includes expanding its international exposure and broadening its appeal to young poets and readers.

Grace Harriman moved to Coastal BATH, ME three years ago. She has lived almost her entire life in Cambridge, MASS and taught English and Chinese History at Shady Hill School and Fayerweather St. School. China became a passion and she had been there thirteen times to travel and teach for short periods at the Dandelion School (a private school for migrant kids outside Beijing) and at the Pangliu village school 20 miles outside Xi’an. Grace has been writing all her life, but since retiring has really dedicated a lot of energy and time to the process.

Marilyn Braendeholm & Barbara Young editors Winter 2014/2015 issue 4

marilyn_braendeholm2Marilyn Braendeholm lives in the UK surrounded by flowers, grapevines, bubbling pots of sourdough starter, a Springer Spaniel, and a small camera that she keeps in her pocket. She never buys clothing without pockets. Her work has found homes with Poetry Quarterly, Curio Poetry, Mouse Tales Press, Four & Twenty, Fib Review, Sprout Magazine, Camel Saloon, Jellyfish Whispers, Red Wolf and several international anthologies. Chalk Hills Journal

barbara_youngBarbara Young is aging without grace in Nashville, Tennessee. She likes puns, cats, and fantasy; is prone to depression; drives a car that’s larger on the inside than out. FRED HERRING

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