Periwinkle And Paisley–Morning’s Coin Purse, by Hannah Gosselin

Periwinkle And Paisley–Morning’s Coin Purse
by Hannah Gosselin


Marc Chagall, Birthday

I’m captured by caress of waking dream
that silent land betwixt-between
even now with eyes wide open
as I arrange fresh flowers
watch sun’s early light through window
it falls in bright streams on street…
I can’t seem to shake the feeling
your lips hovering above mine –
always that anticipatory moment
before abandon of self-control
given to passion – you kiss me.

Editor’s note: Written in response to Prompt 40, Red Wolf Poems.

Process notes: The inspiration for this poem began with the idea of a kiss that one cannot forget and it was fun finding a title in some of the details that stood out in the painting as well.

Hannah Gosselin’s song is one inspired of the natural beauty around her. She was awarded a diploma by the Institute of Children’s Literature located in West Redding, Connecticut, “Writing for Children and Teenagers,” and has been published in Prompted, An International Collection of Poems, Poetic Bloomings-The First Year, and Red Wolf Journal. Hannah’s happiest on a forest path of green or by the salty sea.