The Wolf, by Julia Cirignano

The Wolf
by Julia Cirignano

We’ve traveling down a snowy road together
You are eating me alive
Like the wild, majestic wolves
But I just smile
I gaze into their eyes
I pull you in
And remove your clothes

You’ve ripped out vital organs
I’m bleeding out
As we laugh and wrestle
And eat cereal together

I’m pale
All the blood has drained from my body
I feel sleepy, so I close my eyes
And rest my head on your chest

I wake up alone
Like a bad dream that followed me
Into reality
I see my open wounds gushing
I realize your eyes are yellow not brown

There are claw marks all over my body
Teeth marks
But I was the only one who didn’t notice

Julia Cirignano is a writer from Boston Ma. She goes to Endicott College where she is a senior. Julia is a creative writing major, and music minor. She have several articles published by That Music Magazine and Limelight Magazine, and poetry published by The New York Literally Magazine and The Somerville Review.