Martin Willitts, Jr.


This light blue-green gemstone of calm waters 
before a ship sails out troweling for fish
will pick up your spirits. Wear it while meditating, 
until you hear buoys where there isn’t any. 

This morning, I drop my net of worries
into the stillness like stones.
Process Notes:‘Aquamarine’ is both a color as well as a name of a gemstone. One of the many things I do is called “gemstone readings” in which each gemstone has their own properties. Also, each gemstone has a connection to astrology and to psychic readings. Furthermore, the gemstones can affect a person’s chakras. I combine this information in my readings, In this meditative poem, I focus on the psychic attributes of the stone and connect it to water.”

Martin Willitts Jr is a Quaker and organic gardener. He has 6 full-length poetry collections including contest winner “Searching for What Is Not There” (Hiraeth Press, 2013) and over 20 chapbooks including contest winner “William Blake, Not Blessed Angel But Restless Man” (Red Ochre Press, 2014).