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From March 2023 onward, our site accepts manuscripts for single author collections. These would be poems written as inspired by your own muse.

However, Red Wolf is inviting you also to think about writing poems for a collection inspired by a common subject domain. The subject of our collections would be “Travel Poetry”. Poems inspired by your travels, as a tourist, or a long staying resident of a country not of your birth origin, or documenting travel to different states.  It’s possibly real, though none of it needs to be real, or confessional. It could be entire figments of your imagination, all these travels. If you haven’t travelled much your poems could make references to foreign places, evoking their meaning, can’t you? This will be the ongoing theme going forward. It will be each our own collections written around this theme. It is not an anthology, but your own poetry collection, with the same subject as stated above. The timeline for this theme will be 2023-2024. A very long timeline.

So Red Wolf will be taking two kinds of single author collections. One kind will be travel poems by one author–the other kind will be single-author collections, like Alan Walowitz’s, Debi Swim’s, Ron. Lavalette’s, which can be more wide-ranging.


Our digital collections are available in PDF format, published under the Red Wolf imprint. All will be PDF issues, no print copies:

10-30 poems — You may submit 10 poems minimum, or 30-ish poems, or any number in between; also depends on the length of your poems, so long as there’s a certain heft and cohesiveness to your body of work. Please also send your bio if you wish to be considered.

If you like you can send in your poems piecemeal and see if it’s ‘in the bag’ so to speak. The aim is to get to 10 poems minimum accepted. Then you have a poetry collection, representative of your voice, your muse, your blood, your muse (I said that already), your soul’s outpouring, or we shall call it your body of work.

Some poets write slow and some write fast. Everyone’s different. Some like to mull, so a poem goes through many revisions. It’s a process. Whether it’s a poem you’ve sat on for a week, or weeks, or months, or years, once you’ve reached a point of equilibrium about it, put it in your bag. I think when you’ve a bag of poems you’re fairly satisfied with, send them in. Maybe poems take time to simmer, like grapes into wine. Or maybe not. Sometimes you can revise the soul out of a poem. But the point is, everyone wants to, needs to write. It’s in your blood. So this could be your platform to get your new work out there. It has to be new work, okay.

Please note the following:

1) Your poetry collection will be published as a PDF issue at this site, available for all to download for free. We do not do print copies at the moment. If you want a printed book, do not submit here. If you want to showcase a very small selection of your poetry, this may be your place. Please do not submit if you intend to withdraw your submission later.

2) If you’re submitting your work here, do not submit it elsewhere. Do allow three months for consideration. Please respect the time and effort put in to consider your work. If you do not hear within the time stated above, it means we’re not taking up your work and then you may submit elsewhere. If we’re interested you will hear from us fairly quickly within the time stated. No rejection letter will be sent.

3) Please cite publications where your poems have previously been published. However the majority of poems in the collection has to be new, unpublished material.

4) If you have a cover artwork proposal, kindly submit it together with your manuscript. If not a cover artwork will be produced for your collection. Yes you will be getting a bespoke book cover. The final artwork shall be at our discretion. We will not be laboring too much over the cover artwork as we’re not professionally paid to do so.

You may email your manuscript for our consideration at redwolfeditions AT gmail DOT com. Thank you for submitting your work to Red Wolf Editions.

Submit via email here.


winter spring 2023 pic

In March 2023 we released Winter/Spring 2023 Issue 22. It is Red Wolf’s last anthology after a 9 year run.

In commemoration, Red Wolf will release 9 collections by the poets who have submitted to our site over the years. The poets and the scheduled release dates of their selected work are as follows:

2023 Single Author Collections

1. Alan Walowitz – release of The Poems of the Air and Other Poems on 7 March 2023
2. Debi Swim – release of Autumn and Other Poems on 10 March 2023
3. Ron. Lavalette – release of Visitations and Other Poems on 17 March 2023
4. Mark Tulin – release of Growing Together and Other Poems on 24 March 2023
5. Martin Willitts Jr – release of Nothing Stays Here Long and Other Poems on 31 March 2023
6. Jeff Burt – release of Little Popple River and Other Poems on 7 April 2023
7. Alan Toltzis – release of Earthbound and Other Poems on 14 April 2023
8. Robert Walton – release of Twilight Fox and Other Poems on 21 April 2023
9. Karla Linn Merrifield – release of Ars Poetica and Other Poems on 28 April 2023

Here’s Ron’s posts about it here, here, and here.

On 7 May 2023, a special release of Christopher Hileman’s We Will All Fly. This collection is released posthumously.

Reading note: Once you’ve downloaded the PDF, you can select the ‘two pages’ option to read it as an e-book.

Our site shall continue to be a platform for small digital collections by single authors. Please click on the Red Wolf Editions tab to read more.


If you’re a previous contributor to Red Wolf Journal and have a poetry book tucked under your wings you’d like us to feature, send the details to redwolfeditions AT gmail DOT com. Features appear selectively at the tab, Shout-outs.


2023 Editions

Winter Spring 2023

Winter:Spring 2023 Issue 22

2022 Editions

FALL 2022 Issue 21
Theme: A Change of World Fall Edition

A Change of World Fall 2022 Issue 21


Theme: A Change of World Spring Edition
PDF Released.

A Change of World Spring 2022 Issue 20


2021 Editions

FALL 2021 ISSUE 19
Theme: My Dream of You
PDF released.

My Dream of You Fall 2021 Issue 19


The Coronavirus Poetry Issue Final edition
PDF released

The Coronavirus Poetry Issue Final edition

SPRING 2021 ISSUE 18 (September 2020 to February 2021)
Theme: The Reaper

PDF released.

The Reaper Spring 2021 Issue 18

The Coronavirus Poetry Issue: A Poetic Response to the Pandemic
PDF released

Spring 2021 The Coronavirus Poetry Issue


2020 Editions

FALL 2020 Issue 17 (March 2020 to August 2020)
Theme: Journeying
PDF released.

Journeying Fall 2020 Issue 17

The Coronavirus Poetry Issue Fall 2020 Edition

The Coronavirus Poetry Issue Fall 2020 Edition 2

SPRING 2020 Issue 16 (August 2019 to February 2020)
Theme: True Love. PDF released.

True Love Spring 2020 Issue 16

2019 Editions

FALL 2019 Issue 15 (March 2019 to August 2019)
Theme: Borrowed Poetry. PDF RELEASED.

Borrowed Poetry Fall 2019 Issue 15

SPRING 2019 Issue 14 (September 2018 to February 2019)
Ekphrastic Poetry: Time Is A River Without Banks
PDF released

Ekphrastic Poetry Spring 2019 Issue 14

2018 Editions

SPRING/SUMMER 2018 Issue 13 (March to August 2018)

Red Wolf Journal spring summer 2018 Issue 13

FALL/WINTER 2017/2018 Issue 12 (September 2017 to February 2018)

Red Wolf Journal fall winter 2017 2018 Issue 12

2017 Edition

SPRING/SUMMER 2017 Issue 11 (March to August 2017)

Red Wolf Journal spring summer 2017 Issue 11

2016/2017 Editions

FALL/WINTER 2016/2017 Issue 10 (September 2016 to February 2017)


SPRING/SUMMER 2016 Issue 9 (March to August 2016)


2015 Editions

WINTER 2015/2016 ISSUE 8 (November 2015 to February 2016)
Red Wolf Journal Winter 2015 2016 Issue 8

FALL 2015 ISSUE 7 (August to October 2015)

Red Wolf Journal Fall 2015 Issue 7

SUMMER 2015 ISSUE 6 (May to July 2015)

Red Wolf Journal Summer 2015 Issue 6

SPRING 2015 ISSUE 5 (February to April 2015)

Red Wolf Journal Spring 2015 v2

Please refer to the “red wolf issues” tab for more back issues.


Poetry Chapbooks

We invite you to submit poem manuscripts (20-30 poems). Please cite publications where your poems have previously been published. However the majority of poems in the collection has to be new, unpublished material. Please see the tab, “Red Wolf Editions”, for further details. You may submit your manuscripts to redwolfeditions AT gmail DOT com for consideration. You may visit our new website here. If you do not hear from us three months from the date of your submission, you may assume that your chapbook manuscript has not been accepted. You will hear from us if we’re interested in your manuscript. Thank you for submitting your work to Red Wolf Editions.


Red Wolf Prompts is our sister site, providing ad hoc prompts to inspire you to write new poems. You can find it here.

You may visit our prompt site if you find that useful as a springboard for poems to emanate from your brain.

email here. Email to redwolfeditions AT gmail DOT com.

Good writing.

Irene Toh & Tawnya Smith
Administrators for Red Wolf Journal

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