Engulfed by Love, by Diana Raab, PhD.

Engulfed by Love
by Diana Raab, PhD.

Our night together crawled
at a sloth’s pace, but then raced

like your heart at its end, as I
scrutinize each of your moves,
even your stroll into our bathroom.

While lying on that foreign bed,
I loved how your psyche

engulfed mine like a Venus
fly trap caresses an insect,

and how you mindfully mapped
my features with your fingers

and how your eyes melted into mine
and how your arms reach out for me

and pull me into your chest,
to share one last labored breath.

Your irregular breathing
lullabied me towards my final moment,

until I realized I shouldn’t be there with you
and decide to leave—
toting your life’s baggage in my heart.

Diana Raab PhD is a poet, memoirist, and workshop facilitator. She’s author of poetry collections including her latest, Lust. She’s also author of 5 non-fiction books and a frequent blogger. Please visit her at http://www.dianaraab.com.

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