Deviant Behavior, by Mark Danowsky

Deviant Behavior 
by Mark Danowsky

Eventually, you have to stop comparing
yourself to yourself
when you were younger.

Tastes change. Admit it.
Marijuana and Kraftwerk
no longer equal an afternoon
well-spent. Years earlier,
cheese puffs and gummy worms
like butterscotch krimpets and Mountain Dew
were monumental discoveries.

Out of town for work
we purchased local kettle chips
from a gas station by the motel
and I felt deviant
because they contained Trans Fats.




Bio: Mark Danowsky’s poetry has appeared in Apiary, Mobius, Red River Review, Right Hand Pointing, Shot Glass Journal, Word Soup, and other journals. Mark lives in a van down by the Susquehanna River. He works for a private detective agency and is assistant copy editor for the Schuylkill Valley Journal.

RWJ issue 4

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